Silver Hammer Designs Distortion


  • Output
  • Turbo
  • Tone
  • Drive
  • Normal/Turbo (footswitch)
  • Active/Bypass (footswitch)


Silver Hammer Designs

Distortion Pedal for Electric guitar. Generates distortion signal from overdriven NPN Germanium transistor. Russian military surplus transistor used as the active element in the distortion circuit.

Pedal has four controls:

  • Drive control adjusts how hard the distortion transistor is pushed into the distortion region.
  • Tone control adjusts the harmonic content of the distortion signal.
  • Turbo control adjusts the texture of the distortion when the Turbo Switch is engaged. This is a subtle effect that is most noticed when the distortion pedal is pushed really hard. It adds some different tonal structure to the signal.
  • Output control sets the level of the signal coming from the pedal to your amplifier input.

Two Switches:

  • Active/Bypass switch is true bypass to maintain the integrity of the guitar signal when the effect is not being used.
  • Normal/Turbo switch engages the Turbo function.

Two LED indicators show status of switches.

  • Silver Hammer Designs Distortion Pedal
  • Hand Made with Extreme Attention to Detail
  • 9v internal battery power or negative tip 9V adapter.

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