Silver Hammer Designs BD-3 Bass Distortion


Silver Hammer Designs

The Silver Hammer Designs BD-3 Bass Distortion Pedal adds new dimensions of tone and texture to electric bass guitar. The input features an inductive circuit for matching the output impedance of the guitar.

The BD-3 Bass Distortion Pedal has three controls:

  • The Tone control varies the harmonic content of the signal.
  • The Push control adjusts the level of the signal sent to your amplifier.
  • The Leverage control sets the bias point of the active component in the circuit that creates the distortion. Changing the position of the leverage control affects the character of the distortion signal by adjusting the point on the waveform where the distortion effect begins.

Silver Hammer Pedals are all hand made using quality components.

Power is supplied by a 9V internal battery or an external negative tip power adapter.

True Bypass Mode ensures that your guitar signal passes unaffected when not using the distortion effect.

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