Sierra Electronics


    Rosac Electronics was a company based in Bakersfield, California, and named after its founders Morris Rosenberg and Bernard "Ben" Sacco (1922-2009).

    Rosenberg and Sacco had been in the army together during World War II and both lived in New York, but moved to California where they founded the Sierra Bag Company (recycling burlap bags) in 1947. Later on they founded a few more companies like the Sierra Iron and Metal Company (recycling metals) in 1959. Morris Rosenberg retired in 1985 and the Sierra Bag Company was sold, but Ben Sacco founded a new company, Sierra International Machinery in 1987.

    Through mutual friends, Ralph Scaffidi (a trumpet player) and Mary Osborne (a famous jazz guitar player), Ben Sacco knew Semie Moseley of Mosrite. Mosrite filed for bankruptcy in februari 1969 and within one week a new company was started by 5 partners with money of and in a facility from the Sierra Bag Company: Sierra Electronics. One of the first products was the Sierra Electronics Nu-Fuzz, a new design Ed Sanner was working on when Mosrite went under. Because there was already another company that used the name Sierra Electronics the company name changed into Rosac (after the owners of the company) about one month later.

    Thanks to Warren Justice and Ed Sanner for their time and information!

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