Siegmund Micro Tube Doppler Vibe



The Micro Tube Doppler Vibe is a high quality tube version of the rotating speaker effect, introduced in the 1940s with Leslie speaker cabinets. These legendary speaker cabinets used the Doppler Effect to give an amplified signal a natural sounding vibrato and dimension.

The Doppler Vibe uses a finely tuned and musically balanced circuitry to get maximum lively and natural response from the Micro Tubes.

It offers a wide range of speeds and intensity settings, from subtle vibe to heavy pulsing tremolo.

In addition the Tone and Balance controls give tonal flexibility and allow shifting of the phase balance.

An optional foot pedal can be connected to control the speed of the oscillation while playing.

Two outputs for Mono and Stereo enable the use of two amplifiers, giving a true 3D effect, splitting the Doppler phase shift into the two opposing frequency sources of the signal.

Micro Tubes

These special purpose tubes were developed by the military to operate smoothly under extreme conditions with maximum life span. Small size, but sizable warmth, presence, power and transparency.


  • Pitch shift Vibrato-Tremolo
  • Simulates Leslie rotating speaker sound
  • Mono and Stereo outputs
  • Tube buffered Mono-to-Stereo splitter
  • Guitar (Acoustic / Steel / Bass), microphone, harp, keyboard: the Doppler Vibe works with any instrument and frequency range, including vocals.
  • Also available in a studio rack mount version.

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