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Side Effects

Oscillator Fuzz: Classic fuzz to synthy, oscillating madness.

The Oscillator Fuzz resulted from messing with the famous fuzz face circuit. It has more gain and silicon transistors picked to pair well together.

In lower Gain settings it delivers nice crunch breakup that stands between fuzz and overdrive. In higher Gain it’s saturated, fat and aggressive. With no lack of bass or mids it works great with guitar as well as bass.

The Choke knob introduces the spatterry, misbiased sound that many fuzzes are known for. In extreme settings it sounds more like a synth than a guitar or bass anymore. The Volume knob offers enough output to blast your amp and scare your neighbors.

Lots of fun and experimentation is to be had with the Oscillation Switch turned on, introducing an oscillating soundwave that fights, blends and interacts with your signal. Octave, glitch-synth sounds and more…

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