Side Effects Mocking Bird delay


Side Effects

Bird Delay: Ambient modulated echo unit. The Mocking
Bird adds dark, saturated repeats behind(or above with the mix Lvl cranked)
your playing. It uses the popular PT2399 digital delay chip but the dry signal
path is 100% analog. You can filter the highs out with the Tone knob, you can add pitch shifting modulation
with the Rate and Depth knobs. Crazy and seasick or soft and smooth. Stomp the
momentary and drive the delay to self-oscillation or switch to momentary on mode
and use it for dub-style delay fills. The delay
times available are from about 50ms to 1s. In the MBD the PT2399 delay chip is
brought to it’s extremes after the second half of the Time knob: crackling,
hissing lo-fi repeats that lots of people like so why not? On the other hand put
the Time knob to minimum and crank the mod Depth and you have a chorus like
effect. The MBD
uses buffered bypass which doesn’t colour your signal and allows for the Tails
on/off feature: turn off the pedal but let the ambience fade out in the
background or cut off as soon as you disengage the pedal.

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