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Side Effects

Bug Elektrik: Tremolo and Ring Modulator machine.

Designing this circuit took months and a busted breadboard in the process...the goal was to combine both effects in a single pedal with no limiting of their features and a minimal carrier signal bleedthrough(which is a common issue with ring mods).

So here it is: fully analog, smooth or hard chopping tremolo and synthy, bit crushing ring mod madness.

Apart from the usual Depth and Rate controls the Bug has two modulation waveforms(triangle and square), a Gain knob (because ring modulation sounds even more dope with some clipping) and a Volume knob to find the perfect balance between your bypassed and modulated sound. Plus, you can turn the modulation off and use it as a preamp!

To make things more random and out of control, you can engage two envelope modes that affect the modulation Rate. One is based on your playing dynamics and the other is controlled by a light-sensitive element that lies on the chassis of the pedal. The amount of light that you allow to fall on the pedal will mess with your dialed Rate…fun stuff! Features true bypass switching.

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