SIB Nick Nitro

FuzzVolumecontrols the volume of the fuzz signal
Fuzzcontrols the amount of fuzz
On/Offswitches the fuzz effect on/off
OctaveVolumecontrols the volume of the octave signal
Tonecontrols the tone of the octave signal (treble control?)
On/Offswitches the octave effect on/off


  • Fuzz
  • Octave


  • Volume
  • Fuzz


  • Volume
  • Tone



NICK NITRO includes 2 independent, smoother-than 1960's type fuzz circuitries within one box; capable of independent or layered operation. The leftside is a thick fuzz with much requested and pleasingly reduced harshness; controlled by VOLUME and FUZZ. The rightside features the fundamental fuzz signal plus an octave higher follower fuzz; controlled by VOLUME and TONE. Each side is engaged by its own footswitch.

Says SIB! designer Rick Hamel; "Many of my effects projects are on the road with tour players and I just try to give them what they want. It always seems that players feel they need to have two or more different fuzz boxes in their effects chain. However, this can routinely result in too much edge and a brittle overall response. The 2-FUZZES-in-1 NICK NITRO finally solves this and should most likely prove to be the one and only fuzz tool you'll need. The NICK delivers more than most artists ask for. It'll easily fuzz power you back to the 1960's with a bit tastier break-up. And, your ears will still be your friends at the end of the day.

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