SIB Mr. Echo Plus




  • 550 ms of Big Natural Echo Sound
  • New Slam Control
  • Volume Control for Level Matching or Boost
  • Hand Built in the USA
  • Abuse Resistant Steel Case
  • Delay Time is Adjustable with a Passive Volume Pedal (not included) via the Control Jack


  • VOLUME - Sets the overall output level. Use to match the volume or as a very slight boost
  • MIX - Sets the balance between the echo and straight signal. 12:00 setting is a 50/50 mix.
  • REPEAT - Controls the number of echoes from one repeat to infinite.
  • DELAY - Sets the delay time range from 30ms to 550ms
  • TRUE BYPASS - Switches effect in and out of the signal path. The LED will glow when activated.
  • SLAM - The SLAM switch is a momentary that when depressed sets the delay time to 30ms and activates the SLAM control. It returns to normal when your foot is removed.


  • INPUT - Plug your guitar or effect you plan on using in front of the MR ECHO here. It works best towards the end of the effects chain. Plugging in here also turns the battery on. Input impedance is over 1 meg.
  • OUTPUT - Plug in amp or effect you plan on using after the MR ECHO in here . . . Reverb units sound great here. Output impedance is less than 10k
  • CONTROL - Plug in any PASSIVE volume pedal's output here for hands free control over the delay time . . . The DELAY control knob is then used to set the max range.
  • 9VDC - Plug in 9 volt DC adaptor here for power. It will bypass the battery when plugged in. Current draw is 36ma max. Pay close attention to the Polarity! Use a regulated power adaptor.


  • INPUT IMPEDANCE = Greater than 1 mega ohms
  • OUTPUT IMPEDANCE = Less than 10 k ohms
  • DELAY RANGE = 30 - 585 milliseconds (basically a full half sec)
  • DIMENSIONS = 4 5/8” Side to Side x 4 1/2" Back to Front x 2 ¼” H (feet & knobs)
  • Heavy-Duty Powder Coated Rugged Steel Chassis
  • AC / DC Adaptor = STD 9V ; Boss, Ibanez, etc. . . .

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