SIB Mr. Echo


SIB (2005)

Controls & Specifications:

  • VOLUME - Controls the overall output

  • MIX - Controls the balance between Delayed (echo) signal and Input (dry) signal

  • REPEAT - Controls the number of echoes present at the output

  • DELAY - Controls the delay time

  • BYPASS - True Bypass

  • SLAM - The SLAM switch is a momentary, non latching switch that when depressed and held down will set the delay time to its shortest delay and repeats to maximum setting. The result is saturated, runaway echoes.

    This new SLAM effect offers several useful / creative performance applications not limited to incredible lead line emphasis and lead beat punctuation. When the SLAM switch is released, the MR ECHO returns to normal operation.

  • INPUT IMPEDANCE = 1 mega ohms

  • OUTPUT IMPEDANCE = 8 k ohms

  • DELAY RANGE = 0 - 485 milliseconds (basically a full half sec)

  • DIMENSIONS = 4 5/8” L x 3 ¾” W x 2 ¼” H (feet & knobs)

  • Heavy-Duty Powder Coated Rugged Steel Chassis

  • AC / DC Adaptor = STD 9V ; Boss, Ibanez, etc..

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