SIB Fatdrive


SIB (2005)

The FATDRIVE is a genuine 12AX7 vacuum tube-based pedal which can seriously upgrade all set-ups. The circuit is Class A and the tube component is fully utilized to create the tubing and tonal control benefits without other circuitry addendums in either hybrid or solid state form; i.e. pure tube only.

“AUDIOPHILE quality”. As reviewed in “Guitar Player”, SIB! tube pedals remain a full cut above other pedals in this category due to their advanced, very clean circuitry. You can rely on SIB! products to tube-up any musical instrument application performance or studio session. Reference clean with instant, remarkable effects.

The FATDRIVE is a clean tube preamp which can serve to bulldoze or overload the input of any amp or desk. For a more NATURAL, MUSICAL sound, use it to instantly add warmth, harmonics, depth, to ELECTRIC GUITAR, ACOUSTIC GUITAR, BASS, KEYBOARD SYNTHS, and VOCALS; and as a level control for EFFECTS LOOPS or as a DIRECT BOX. Extremely handy for both live or studio use; providing (Pro grade) tonal control and volume referencing / matching. The passive 3 band EQ provides a wide range of tones and the DRIVE and VOLUME controls give you total input and output level control for demonstrable optimization of any signal set-up.

The FATDRIVE has been a runaway sales success. The tube warmth is an excellent benefit though the FATDRIVE doesn't stop there. It has numerous additional and very useful benefits. The ease by which the FATDRIVE delivers fast tonal shaping; the ability to finally take control of an entire live or studio set-up, etc. has won the FATDRIVE the dedicated acclaim and loyalty of headliner musicians and recording engineers.

SIB! Pro Grade Road Worthy Construction:

  • True bypass with LED indicator.
  • Internal power supply with heavy-duty detachable power cord.
  • Powder coated 14 gauge steel chassis.
  • Industrial quality components.
  • Hand assembled in the USA.

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