SIB Echodrive


SIB (2005)

The ECHODRIVE is a genuine 12AX7 vacuum tube-based pedal with a unique-to-the-industry micro-circuit that gives you all the benefits of the most famous echo pedals (and more); without the hassles and down-time associated with analog tape. The circuit is Class A and the tube component is fully utilized to create the tubing and tonal control benefits; i.e. preamp / buffering is pure tube only.

“AUDIOPHILE quality”. As reviewed in “Guitar Player”, SIB! tube pedals remain a full cut above other pedals in this category due to their advanced, very clean circuitry. You can rely on SIB! products to tube-up any musical instrument application performance or studio session. Reference clean with instant, remarkable effects.

The “revolutionary” and Pro proven EHODRIVE is a tube delay unit that offers various degrees of delay with the drop-jaw realism of the most famous analog tape ECHO pedals. Only the delay line is solid state AND it is driven and mixed by the tube AND the dry signal sees nothing but tube. The classic control set-up is MIX (wet vs. dry), VOLUME (tube output level), DELAY (length), ECHODRIVE (record level), REPEAT. The separate DELAY range toggle quickly accesses the 2 most usable: 20ms to 400ms and, 200ms to 1.3 seconds. And, get this: a special filter in the repeat circuit progressively cuts the high frequencies of each repeat signal such that the repeat material becomes warmer as it fades away. The echo sound is alive and natural; not “dead” like a repeat box. There are too many nuances supporting the super-design of this way popular pedal and your personal demo is sincerely recommended. The ECHODRIVE easily meets and surpasses the needs of all your music style genres (rock, blues, grunge, metal, jazz, country, etc.) for essential and tasty delay without having to reassemble that pile of old analog tape drive parts you have in the corner.

SIB! Pro Grade Road Worthy Construction:

  • True bypass with LED indicator.
  • Internal power supply with heavy-duty detachable power cord.
  • Powder coated 14 gauge steel chassis.
  • Industrial quality components.
  • Hand assembled in the USA.

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