Shoe Pedals


    Shoe Pedals is a one person operation created and run by composer CJM Venter. It is located in Meriden, Connecticut, USA.

    Timeline (by Christopher Venter)

    • 2009: Make a (immediately broken) promise to friend D. Michael Jones not to buy any more pedals till I made one.
    • 2010: Move to NYC for Graduate School at NYU
    • Summer 2011: Decide to try making some pedals. The first Shoe prototype is built overnight at a table by my bedroom window during an extremely violent thunderstorm. It works and a new pedal/refinement is done almost every night for the next several months. The Silver Apple arises from this and the Pixel comes soon after when I intentionally break a Silver Apple by violently inserting an extra transistor and re-arrange and replace components it until it works again. More designs coming from this period of research and experimentation are the Spitvalve, and Frog, also more rare pedals such as Kung Fuzz, Evil Rainbow, Legalizer, Tighty Whitey, Green Man and Black Samurai.
    • Late 2011-2012: Run in to Greg Saunier from Deerhoof at the local music store in Brooklyn. He is surprised I know who he is and we talk for a bit. I eventually talk to the rest of the band via email and make them a set of pedals as a thank you for their great music. In 2012 Deerhoof uses these pedals in creating the album Breakup Songs and take the pedals on tour.
    • 2012: Sporadic pedals/prototypes are sold as used/on consignment and as demo models in Brooklyn shop until the spring or some isolated builds for friends and contests. Summer sees a move to Connecticut and Shoe Pedals production takes a hiatus to help in building dozens of the Harmony Central Octophant pedals (a nasty/broken-sounding octave fuzz made basically at cost for a community project).
      During this period the Deluxe Pixel, Sunset, and Savior Machine (3-knob) are born.
    • 2013: Shoe Pedals undergoes a major aesthetic overhaul and even more major shift towards PCB-based construction that results in faster build times, higher quality, and easier innovation. By late 2013 all new products are PCB-based but still use off-board hardware mounting and high quality through hole components for ease of repair and long term durability. Many more bands and artists adopt Shoe Pedals in 2013 and production volume continues to grow steadily.
      Designs/re-designs from this period: Savior Machine (4-knob), Robert, Plume, Pixel (redesign), Silver Apple (redesign), Spitvalve (finally released).

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