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Shin's Music

One of the most iconic and sought after amps in history… in a pedal!  All D*mble amps are different in tone but the main characteristics that set these amps apart are the open uncompressed cleans and the evenly compressed overdrive.  These pedals are very limited.  Shin's music in Tokyo Japan is the builder and he knows tone.  This does not sound like a pedal…it sounds and reacts like an amp.  Many pedals claim this feat but few can back it up…The Dumbloid does!

In Jazz mode you can coax tones of many famous players from Robben Ford to Larry Carlton.  The tone get  full, woody, round characteristics.  Kick it in to Rock mode and you get more mids and focus a-la Robben Ford, Keith Urban, Santana.  There is quite a bit of headroom in this pedal it can be used as an organic boost to a full on Overdrive Special!


  • Limited "Blue" Velvet covering
  • Jazz/Rock Switch
  • Controls: Drv, Accent (like a cut or Presence), Tone, Volume
  • Two distinct voicings

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