Shift Line Twin - Fender Twin Style Preamp


Shift Line

Honest tube sound in compact case. 

Shift Line are huge Fender sound fans. Shift Line Twin mkII is based on ‘65 Fender Twin combo amp and moved maximum authentic sound from 30-kilograms combo to 600-gramm (64lbs and 1,3lbs respectively) box with adding some useful options. Overall design and testing took about 5 years. Most of this time we checked our preamp and original amp face to face, still we had one in our workshop. Next step was testing device for a long time by musicians at concerts and studios. 

We also added options to improve flexibility further. We added series effect loop, phones output and aux input. Recording output with switchable specially designed speaker simulator is a final chord in this Swiss knife for guitar player. 


  • Classic tube circuit from INPUT to SEND jack. High anode voltage from specially designed transformer, no SMPS circuitry used.
  • It is real preamplifier so it obviously has no bypass option.
  • High level output designed to be connected directly to power amp. Use ‘power amp in’ or ‘return’ jack on your combo/amp to make your instrument sound mostly the same with different amplifiers.
  • Wide gain control gives you possibility to reach all sounds from clean to naturally compressed or even a bit overdriven signal.
  • Booster-friendly. Use any booster before Twin to get a lot of nice overdrive.
  • REC output for recording or sending to mixer console.
  • Switchable speaker simulator on recording output for more flexibility - easy use of software emulations for studio, build-in hardware emulation for concerts/training
  • Phones output and aux input for home training.
  • Loop signal level is optimized for pedals use. No more clipping.
  • Comes with Tung-Sol 12ax7 tube installed. We found this type of tube making most balanced and transparent sound.
  • All tubes are checked to be low-noise and low-microphonic.
  • DC heater supply to keep noise to a minimum level.
  • Comes with 220-230V mains Europe socket power adapter (In order to use it in countries with different mains voltage, please ensure you have appropriate power adapter or voltage transformer).


  • Knob Master - Output level. Affects OUT and PHONES outputs.
  • Knobs Treble, Middle, Bass - Classic three-band EQ
  • Knob Gain - Input sensitivity. Wide control from clean to compressed or overdriven sound.
  • Switch Bright - High frequencies boost. Note: Gain knob position affects to the high frequencies amount added with bright switch on.
  • Switch Cab sim - Switching on/off cabsim on Rec output


  • IN - High-impedance input. Could be connected to any signal sources like guitars, analog and digital synthesizers with mono output
  • OUT - 1/4” mono +20 dBu output. Should be connected to ‘Return’ or ‘Power amp in’ jack on your amplifier
  • Send,Return - Series Fx-loop. “Send” also can be used as additional -20 dBu output
  • Phones - 1/8” stereo output for headphones.
  • Aux - 1/8” stereo input for drum machine, player or other signal source. This signal comes only to phones out.
  • Rec Out - line-level recording mono output.

Dimensions Box dimensions without knobs are 119?93?34 mm (4.7x3.7x1.3 inches). 

Power adapter 12V AC, 750mA. 220-230V primary (for european sockets) adapter included

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