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Shift Line

One of the best fuzz for outstanding experimental sound. Super versatile, from brake-up crunches to super hi-gain fuzz tones, octaves, gating, self-oscillation and everything you can ever imagine. 


  • Extremely wide variety of sounds. 50 years of fuzz in one pedal
  • 8bit sound? Sure!
  • All analog circuit
  • Clickless relay true bypass


  • Knob Level - master volume
  • Knob Dirt - activation of self-oscillation mode, random octaves, 8 bit, noises
  • Knob Gain - amount of distortion
  • Knob Mode - selecting of low-gain, gate, octaves, hi-gain modes. Interacts with Gain and Dirt knobs.
  • Switch Harm - amount of hi-frequency harmonics
  • You guitar volume - yes, it makes a lot sense, just try to roll it back for new sounds


  • Mode knob has no fixed positions, it changes sound smoothy. Actually fuzz`s behavior is managed by 3 knobs - Gain, Dirt and Mode - and certain sound is fixed only for this 3 knobs positions combination. Mode knob makes a lot of magic. It changes sound character from low gain to super high gain, going through octave up and down, arpeggios and gate effects.
  • Harm switch selects amount of high-order harmonics in output signal. This switch effect depth depends on Mode position - in full cw and full ccw positions Harm switch has no effect.

Dimensions: Box dimensions without knobs are 111x60x30 mm (4.3x2.4x1.2”). Weight 0.2 lbs 

Power supply: 9V regulated center negative power adapter or 9V battery. Power consumption: 30 mA. 

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