Shift Line Olympic - Tube Bass Preamp


Shift Line

A new release of our well known preamp with new features

Olympic mkII - Bass Preamp for perfectionists: high voltage vacuum tube amplification, FX loop, headphone and balanced (XLR) DI output, separate aux input for drum machine/mp3 player - all less than 5"x4" in size. Great solution to carry your sound with you - concerts, recording, home training and everywhere else. 


  • Pure tube circuit from INPUT to SEND jack. High anode voltage from specially designed transformer, no SMPS circuitry used.
  • Wide gain control gives you possibility to reach all sounds from clean to naturally compressed or even a bit overdriven signal. Try it with external booster if you need more drive.
  • High level output designed to be connected directly to power amp. Use ‘power amp in’ or ‘return’ jack on your combo/amp to make your instrument sound the same with different amplifiers.
  • XLR balanced output with switchable ground lift for recording or sending to mixer console.
  • Comes with Tung-Sol 12ax7 tube installed. All tubes are checked to be low-noise and low-microphonic.
  • DC heater supply to keep noise to a minimum.
  • Comes with 220v mains power adapter (In order to use it in countries with different mains voltage, please ensure you have appropriate power adapter or voltage transformer).


  • Knob Master - Output level. Affects OUT and PHONES outputs.
  • Knobs Treble, Middle, Bass - Three-band EQ
  • Knob Gain - Input sensitivity. Wide control from clean to compressed or overdriven sound.
  • Switch Bright - High frequencies boost. Note: Gain knob position affects to the high frequencies amount added with bright switch.
  • Switch Ground Lift - Disconnect ground pin on balanced output to prevent ground loops.


  • IN - High-impedance input. Could be connected to any signal sources like guitars, analog and digital synthesizers with mono output
  • OUT - 1/4” mono +20 dBu output. Should be connected to ‘Return’ or ‘Power amp in’ jack on your amplifier
  • Send,Return - Series loop. “Send” also can be used as additional -20 dBu output
  • Phones - 1/8” stereo output for headphones.
  • Aux - 1/8” stereo input for drum machine, player or other signal source.
  • Balanced Out - +10 dBu XLR balanced output. MASTER knob does not change level on this output.
  • Dimensions Box dimensions without knobs are 119x93x34 mm (4.7x3.7x1.3 inches). 
  • Power adapter 12V AC, 750mA. 220V primary (for european sockets) adapter included

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