Shift Line Mustang - Tube Drive


Shift Line

Classic tube overdrive-distortion in compact design sounding close to American Soldano amps. Minimum quantity of controls helps to find best sound quickly. All pedals are hand-build and fully-tested in our lab. 

Inspied by Soldano Supercharger`s outstanding sound features we wished to have similar capability without gigantic housing. Well, reaching this goal was much more complicated as we thougth at first. Hi-gain means high noise, right? Two tubes make a lot of heat also. We spent two years improving circuit and this project was finished only through designer`s perseverance. Result is simple from outside, but internals are subject of diligence and skill. 


  • True high-voltage tube circuit. Acts great with boosters and other drive pedals.
  • Two 12ax7 tubes fit inside the case. No more protruding tubes, sockets, caps, easy to carry, easy to use!
  • Relay true bypass with extremely low click.
  • Long housing cuts for better ventilation and tube cooling.
  • All jacks are placed on top side to save more space on pedalboard.
  • Comes with universal power adapter for 100-240V primary.


  • Knob Master — Output volume level.
  • Knobs Tone — High-cut filter.
  • Knob Gain — Input sensitivity. Wide control from clean to high-gain drive.


  • IN — High-impedance input. 1/4” mono jack
  • OUT — Device output. 1/4” mono jack.

Dimensions Box dimensions without knobs are 119x93x34 mm (4.7x3.7x1.3 inches). 

Power adapter Power adapter 12V DC, 1200mA. Universal (110V-240V) adapter included

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