Shift Line Mr. Blend - Parallel Loop Blender


Shift Line

Blender (parallel loop) - special device for mixing "clean" and FX loop. 


  • Knob Mix - clean and FX signal proportions.
  • Knob Level - output volume.
  • Switch Phase - how to mix signals: add or subtract.


  • Mr. Blend is a parallel Fx-loop in a stompbox. Mostly favored by bass players, because it retains clean bass sound and make possible to add any effect of any stompbox.
  • Schematically, blender consist of:
  • Y-splitter (distributing input signal to 2 recipients: clean and Send Loop),
    • Send Loop,
    • Return Loop,
    • 2-channel mixer (mixing "clean" and Return Loop).
  • Functionally you can add and subtract "clean" and Return Loop signals.
  • Mr. Blend can be used as active Y-splitter, to play one guitar for two amplifiers.
  • Also Mr. Blend can be used as simple 2 channel mixer.

Dimensions: Box dimensions without knobs are 111?60?30 mm (4.3x2.4x1.2”) 

Power supply: 9v regulated center negative power adapter or 9v battery.

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