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The TREMIT is a pocket sized tremolo pedal designed to emulate the old Fender amp tremolo with the addition of a sine or square wave switch for greater versatility. The unit consist of amplitude stabilised, low frequency oscillator, driving an opto-coupling device which modulates the signal in the amplifier circuit. It is battery operated and has a LED for speed indication. Battery life is extended due to careful design and low current consumption electronic components. The Tremit uses high quality switchcraft input, output sockets, heavy duty Carling bypass switch, metal knobs and wave switch and is housed in a red powder coated diecast box for maximum durability.


  • SPEED: This control adjusts the speed of the tremolo effect. Its range is about 2 - 15hz.
  • DEPTH: Adjusts the amount of tremolo effect the Tremit has on your guitar signal.
  • SINE/SQUARE WAVE SWITCH: changes the shape or the sound of the tremolo from the smooth traditional surf sounds of the 60's (sine) to a more accentuated and innovative tremolo sound (square)
  • BYPASS: Hit this switch (Carling) to bypass the effect.
  • INPUT SOCKET: Is 1/4 inch (Switchcraft), and turns the Tremit on when you plug into it.
  • OUTPUT SOCKET: Is also 1/4 inch (Switchcraft).
  • EXTERNAL POWER SOCKET: is a 2.1mm connector and requires 9 volts DC when plugging into this socket the internal battery is automatically disconnected.

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