S. Hawk Ltd. Hawk II - Tonal Expander



Graphic Equalizer / Treble Booster / Bass Booster / Brite Switch / Pre-Amp / Headphone Amp

Harry Kolbe, the designer

The eq points on the Hawk II Tonal Expander are 170Hz, 550Hz and 2500Hz.These are not the points found on the typical recording and Hi Fi equalizers. More to the point, the Q or shape of the curve is quite different. The Hawk equalizers are the EQs for fretted instrument that implement the eq filters with inductors as opposed to the artificial inductors created by gyrators.

Harry Kolbe, the designer

The S. Hawk Ltd. Hawk II Tonal Expander made its debut in 1973. It is a 3 point peak and dip equalizer specifically designed and optimized to compliment the electric guitar. It will also work well with any electric instrument: keyboards, piano and synths.

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