Sharptone FX



    Sharptone FX is run by Johnny Sharp in North Devon, England.

    Timeline (by Johnny Sharp)

    • 1990's - started making pedals and custom 'one offs' for music biz friends.
    • 2002 - Retrotone Audio is first brand name before it was decided to be 'Sharptone' in 2002.
    • 2002-2007 - building pedal boards, effects, custom jobs for more people in the music biz.
    • 2011 - Charlie Watkins of WEM licenses Sharptone FX to produce and manufacture the new Pep Box reissue.
    • 2012 - Lots of magazine reviews and excellent feedback from customers.
    • 2013 - More products added to pedal range including the Tonemaster MK2. Extending of workshop and production line..
    • 2014 - A newly designed overdrive pedal is being launched called the 'Goldblock' overdrive....

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