Shannon Distortion



The Shannon Distortion dishes out a wide range of low to high gain distorted tube-like tones. It is an improved hybrid design between a Boss DS1 and Ibanez SD9, but has the same output section as a TS808 in order to really push a tube amp. It can serve up light to medium blues/rock overdrive tones with the gain turned down, while producing massive Marshall crunch and tons of sustain with it turned up. The tone control is very effective at dialing in many shades of tube-like tone at various gain settings.

This pedal will turn your lower gain single channel tube amp into a raging beast!


  • LEVEL, TONE, GAIN controls
  • TI RC4558P opamp (socketed)
  • Asymmetrical clipping for greater transparency and tube-like tone
  • Metal film resistors, metal film capacitors for higher fidelity and lower noise
  • True Bypass switch with Blue LED on/off indicator
  • Green powder coated die-cast aluminum enclosure with silk screened label
  • Operates using a 9V battery or standard 9V negative tip barrel plug. Capable of operating on an 18V supply for added headroom
  • Hand-made, durable, clean construction that includes interconnected full-size potentiometers, heavy duty nylon jacks, 3PDT switch, and double-sided plated through hole circuit boards with ground plane
  • 2-year warranty

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