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The Shannon Compressor is a take on the old Orange Squeezer compressor made by Dan Armstrong in the 70s. The Shannon has taken this classic to a new level by adding external controls for volume, gain, and compression. This version is also improved for slightly better sustain characteristics. And unlike the original, it doesn't distort your signal and is super quiet too.

The gain knob lets you compensate for different levels of pickup output. The comp knob lets you adjust the overall amount of signal squish. Both knobs work together in varying the compression. Comp control acts as a coarse adjust, while the gain control functions as your fine adjust. It provides a wide range of effect from very subtle to heavy squish. It has a ton of volume and works great as a boost. One other feature is an internal trim pot that allows you to dial in more or less maximum compression if you desire.

This compressor sweetens up your overall tone and really articulates your playing nuances. You'll almost never want to turn it off. It works great before or after an overdrive to add some roundness to the sound. It really makes notes jump out on a solo with a nice amount of added sustain. Jump out on a solo with a nice amountsustain.


  • LEVEL, GAIN, COMP controls
  • JRC4558D opamp (socketed)
  • 2N5457 JFET transistors and Germanium diode
  • Metal film resistors, metal film capacitors for higher fidelity and lower noise
  • True Bypass switch with Blue LED on/off indicator
  • Blue powder coated die-cast aluminum enclosure with silk screened label
  • Operates using a 9V battery or standard 9V negative tip barrel plug.
  • Hand-made, durable, clean construction that includes interconnected full-size potentiometers, heavy duty nylon jacks, 3PDT switch, and double-sided plated through hole circuit boards with ground plane
  • 2-year warranty

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