Seymour Duncan SFX-10 Deja Vu - Tap Delay with BBD


Seymour Duncan

This revolutionary pedal combines digital delay with real analog delay and adds tap tempo for incredible versatility. Recommended for all genres of music.


While the Deja Vu includes the standard wet/dry blend control and the required delay time adjustment, the DejaVu also features an analog/digital blend control, to achieve any desired level of balance between the warmth of a real Bucket Brigade delay and the squeaky clean sound of a microprocessor-based digital delay. There's also a Feedback control, which allows you to dial in a runaway recycling of your sound in the style of an analog tape echo.

Also features two insert jacks. The Feedback Insert jack allows an external processor to be included in the recycling path, so that the processor's effect becomes more intense at each regeneration, thus continuously morphing the delayed sound as it recycles. The Wet output/loop jack works on the sound after it leaves the recycler, allowing custom tweaking of the overall character of the wet signal before it recombines with the dry signal.


The Deja Vu has Tap Tempo to match the delay time to the tempo of the music. And a Ratio Control that gives you multiple delays for each press of the Tap Tempo footswitch. And a tempo "Heartbeat" red flashing LED to keep everybody honest (or, at least, in time). And a "Modulation" control that lets you add a flange/chorus effect to the time delay.


Both insert jacks can connect directly to a standard volume pedal so the Regen Insert jack becomes a foot control for the level of regeneration, and the Wet Insert jack becomes a foot control for the Wet/Dry mix. And you can connect two foot pedals at the same time for ultimate control of the delayed sound.

Connect a second amp to the stereo output to hear an incredible, ethereal, space-filling stereo effect. Or use the stereo output by itself to get a sound with a totally different timbre.

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