Seymour Duncan Catalina - Dynamic Chorus


Seymour Duncan (press release January 17, 2016)

Seymour Duncan Releases The Catalina Dynamic Chorus Effects Pedal

SANTA BARBARA, January 17, 2016 – Seymour Duncan, a leading manufacturer of pickups and pedals, announces the release of the Catalina™ Dynamic Chorus pedal. The Catalina effects pedal includes a uniquely innovative Dynamic Expression™ mode that allows you to control the depth of the effect through the intensity of your playing. 

There’s also a threshold control, which allows players to dial in the sensitivity of the Dynamic Expression feature to perfectly match any playing style.

“We’re very excited about Catalina,” says Max Gutnik, SVP of products and CRO. “In addition to a beautiful sounding chorus pedal, the innovative Dynamic Expression feature gives players the ultimate control – from subtle to bold, and everything in between, without changing settings every other song or riding the footswitch all night.”

Catalina also has controls for mix, rate, depth, delay and tone. It employs analog Bucket-Brigade Devices (BBDs) supported by modern low-noise analog electronics. The footswitch is true bypass, for the most pure signal when the pedal is not in use.



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