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Two legendary sounds in one pedal: a dynamic and elegant overdrive and the classic distorsion of a Vox AC30.

When we thought what Servus! Pedale’s launch pedal would be, there was no doubt that we wanted an overdrive that would have an excellent dynamic response and a creamy sound but at the same time a classic distortion. We immediately thought of the distortion of the immortal Vox AC30®. That´s how our Shark Attack! was born.

The overdrive channel offers elegant saturation and excellent dynamics, even at low volumes. By increasing the drive pot you will get a smooth distortion.

The distortion channel converts the Shark Attack! into an “amp in a box”-pedal. We have tried to create the answer to a Vox AC30®, the typical British sound of many of the greatest bands in history.

  • 2 channels (overdrive and distortion) selectable with a mini switch
  • 3 controls: Drive, Tone and Volume
  • True bypass
  • Jacks Neutrik
  • Hand-made
  • 9V BOSS style DC input or 9V internal battery
  • Size: 122mm x 67mm
  • 2 year guarantee
  • Handmade protective bag included
  • Knobs available in three different colors: white (standard), transparent or black

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