Servus! Pedals Roots - Overdrive / Tap Tempo Tremolo / Reverb


Servus! Pedals

An Analog Multi FX with Overdrive, Programmable Tap Tempo Tremolo and Reverb.

  • Three FX: Overdrive, Tremolo & Reverb
  • Warm overdrive with Bass&Treble control
  • Analog optical tremolo digitally controlled
  • Tap tempo
  • 4 waveforms (sine,triangle,sawtooth and square) 
  • 10 tempo subdivisions
  • Natural reverb
  • Independent In and Outs
  • Silent Relay True Bypass
  • Handmade
  • 9VDC
  • Current draw: ~45mA
  • Size:145mm x 121mm
  • Two years transferable warranty

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