Servus! Pedals Roadie - Programmable Effects Loop + MIDI Controller


Servus! Pedals

 Programmable Effects and MIDI Controller        

  • 8 FX loops
  • 128 presets (16 banks x 8 presets each)
  • Programmable via pedal or software
  • Live mode for direct access to each loop
  • MIDI IN  for controlling the ROADIE via MIDI devices
  • MIDI OUT for MIDI devices control
  • True Bypass
  • Expression pedal input
  • 9VDC 
  • Current draw: ~220mA
  • Size: 341 x 127mm
  • Handmade
  • Two years transferable warranty

Presets: You can save up to 128 presets organized in 16 banks with 8 presets each easily and intuitively. Simply select the bank, activate or deactivate the loops and save. Status LEDs and the display let you know which bank, preset and loop is selected.

Edition Software: You can download the Roadie Configurator for Windows for free. This software opens up a great range of possibilities: access each of the 128 presets on your screen, assign MIDI control or program change to each preset, safe and load setups, look for firmware updates and load them directly on your ROADIE. 


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