Seppuku Sub-Octave Synthesizer


Seppuku FX

The sub-octave-synthesizer takes your guitar signal, adds some fuzz, brings it down, either one octave with very smooth tracking, or down two octaves with slightly glitchy tracking and blends it back together with the fuzzy signal. The filter lets you dial in big thick bass, thin and nasty treble or any where in between. By playing multiple notes at a time you can make cool pitch jumping, pulsing or wobbly tremolo effects. With the filter on it turns into crazy, psychedelic filter sweeping, pitch jumping futuristic sci-fi madness. You can roll back your guitars volume knob to change the frequency of the filter sweep or do it while you hold a note to make cool wah style sounds.


  • Blend: mixes between boosted guitar signal and octave down.
  • Filter: controls two filters by 1 knob.
  • Glitch Toggle: selects one octave down smooth tracking, or two octaves down glitch tracking.
  • Volume.

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