Seppuku Octave Synth


Seppuku FX

The Octave Synth will transform the sound of your guitar into a fuzzed out monophonic synthesizer, complete with filter and mixing capabilities.


  • Blend - Controls the level of octave effect you want to add to your signal.
  • Filter - Turning to the right will give you loads of bass, turning it to the left will bring in more treble to the mix.
  • Octave Switch- allows you lower your input signal either one or two octaves with this switch.
  • Glitch Footswitch - This bypasses an essential component of the circuit resulting in weird and wonderful alien noise.


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1 review, average score of 10 / 10

2014-11-0910/10  AWESOME! This pedal is the second best octaver that I know. Fantastic synth-like octave-down modes. Grab one if you find one!...

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