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Seppuku FX press release

After many long hours of experimentation and painstaking design, Seppuku is finally ready to release the newest creation.

The analog circuitry of the OctaveDrone reacts to the frequencies and harmonics from your guitar to create a massive array of crazy psychedelic sounds as well as classic 60's fuzz tones.

By adjusting the Input Frequency And Input Gain controls along with the way you play the guitar, ringing dissonance, intense treble, crunchy fuzz, deep sub octaves, sitar-like lead and screaming octavia sounds can be made. Any change on the guitars controls will also dramatically alter the effect.

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Most effects that dramatically change a guitar's sound have a very synth-like feeling when you play through them. The Octave Drone is very different. When you play through it, it feels like you're changing your instrument (rather than changing your effect pedal). The knobs on your guitar, along with the way you play it, will dramatically alter the sound.


  • Input Filter: Controls the frequencies amplified by the preamp, resulting in either thin or thick sounding effect.
  • Input Gain: Controls the preamp volume. Goes from low gain fuzz to psychotic noise.
  • Glitch Toggle: selects one octave down smooth tracking, or two octaves down glitch tracking.

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