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One of the great ways to create an artificial expansion of range for your instrument is through pitch modulation and manipulation, usually done via pitch shifters. Though some would like to keep such modifications to sound as natural as possible (i.e. without deviating from the instrument's original timbre), there are others who are at the opposite of the spectrum and this is the group of people who Seppuku FX DPM-2 caters to.

The DPM-2 is actually the second version of Seppuku FX's digital pitch modulator. Version 2 boasts of a smoother synth-like tone. This effects pedal uses an 8-bit digital chip to create effects such as octave up, octave down, ring modulation, fifth note doubling, arpeggio, and what Seppuku FX describes as bit crusher sounds for your guitar, keyboards, or any other instrument that you decide to plug into it.

As experimentation is at the essence of Seppuku FX releases, the DPM-2 is no different. Controls come in the form of three pots for master volume, analog/digital blend (controls mix between modulated sounds and analog fuzz), and oscillator frequency (controls the pitch of the ring modulator). The oscillator frequency control pot can lower the fidelity of the sound by turning it down and can also control arpeggio effect/pitch jump sound speed when the pointer is turned upwards. The DPM-2 also has toggle switches which allow you to control the pitch wherein various settings give you a variety of pitch effects. As there are no labels on the toggle switches, the DPM-2 is bound to give you a lot of surprises as you play around various toggle switch combinations.


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2014-11-114 knob version (added input level control)10/10  Fuzz, bitcrushing, pitch shifting and ringmodulation in a wicked mix! I love it!...

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