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Beat Dictator is a new universal tap / midi clock controller, which allows you to sync all your pedalboard as well as a drum machine, synth, sequencer, sampler and applications on the computer or on a mobile device.

  • It is quick and very easy to use. It has a very simple menu. 
  • Convenient location of the large knob allows rotating it by the foot.
  • You can quickly change the tempo of the song and note subdivisions without accessing the settings menu of each pedal. To do this, there is only one knob in an accessible place.
  • Easy changing tempo in bpm (beats per minute) for delay / tremolo / phaser with tap tempo
  • Available subdivisions for tapping / changing include Half, Quarter, Quarter Triplet, Eighth, Dotted Eighth, Eighth Triplet and Sixteenth Notes
  • MIDI OUT send tempo and synchronizes all connected MIDI devices
  • MIDI OUT send midi start / stop commands for remote control of drum machine / sequencer / sampler or similar soft on pad, phone or computer
  • BeatDictator includes 4 isolated optical relay powered Tempo Outputs, 3 normally open and one normally closed (for Boss devices)
  • Two 1/4 jacks for devices with external tap connector (Boss DD5 / 7, Strymon pedals, Memory Man 550/1100, JHS Panther, MXR Echoplex)
  • Two 1/8 jack (3,5mm) perfect for easy modding for device without ext tap jack (DL4, DMM w/Hazarai, Flashback x4, Deluxe Memory Boy, Supa-Puss, Empress, Diamond)
  • There are two 2.1mm dc jack connectors for not using the extra dc adaptor or dc brick output

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