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The Scarlett Love is Nigel Hendroff's signature overdrive pedal. It is designed to sound like an authentic cranked tube amplifier. The pedal can range from a clean boost right through to complete tube saturation with the twist of a knob. Unlike some pedals the Scarlett Love is not frequency biased, it does not have a midrange hump, nor will the highs make your ears bleed. It's a beautiful balance designed to maintain and enhance your guitar signal, not to mention completely true bypass.

All Scarlett Loves are hand wired using the best possible components like carbon composite resistors, Sprague, Xicon, AVX, Wima capacitors and Neutrik jacks to ensure the best possible sound. All  Scarlett Loves come with a 3 way clipping switch. In the right position you get a Marshall plexi type sound, great for rock and rhythm. The middle position is an ultra smooth overdrive great for running into an already cranked tube amplifier. Lastly, the left position runs a symmetrical clipping, giving that classic tube screamer sound.


  • Dimensions: 111 x 60 x 27mm
  • Power: 9V DC Center Negative power only


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