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Late 2012 we released a limited run of 15 swirl painted feather drives, these sold out really quickly and created a tonne of hype! Since then we have have been working on a generic model to cater for everyone but keep the original tone. We use the absolute best components available, such as carbon comp resistors, AVX & Nichicon capacitors, gold connectors on the IC chip & switchcraft jacks all enclosed in a Hammond enclosure. We have also changed the IC chip to give a more open sound. We have added a MIDI connection at the base of the pedal to allow for an external diode switch and blending. With these added options you will be able to create and layer sounds like never before! You can perform the function of 2 pedals in one. We have kept all the tone of the original feather drive and added a stack of user friendly options.

Online customers have a choice of two paint styles, our standard black metallic or a hand painted swirl/random design at an additional cost.

Each Feather Drive has a two way clipping switch that utilises various clipping options. For its standard configuration it comes with a 1N914 (tube screamer) and LED (Marshall plexi type) clipping. If you wish to have a different diode configuration please contact us to discuss further.

The feather drive is not a MIDI pedal and will not be compatible with just any external MIDI switching or programming units. The purpose of the MIDI socket at the bottom is for an external diode selector switch that is made by us. It is meant for this use only so please do not buy this under the pretense that your MIDI controller can be used with this pedal.


  • 1N914 – Setup in A-Symetrical format to bring you those rich tube screamer harmonics. Classic distortion and a favourite among our players.

  • LED – Setup in Symetrical format delivers a Marshall plexi sound, slightly brighter and louder than the 1N914.

  • Diode Lift – No diodes in use, let’s the IC produce it’s natural growl! Very amp like with tonnes of sustain. Quite loud due to no diodes, but just roll back the volume and you’re set.


  • Dimensions: 111 x 60 x 27mm
  • Power: 9V DC Center Negative power only

$259.00 AUD – Free shipping worldwide

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