Seiko DM100 Digital Metronome



With tap function and 5 highly visible indicator LEDs.

The Seiko DM100 Digital Metronome is perfect for bands or anyone who wants to practice and perform songs at the right tempo. 5 LEDs display the selected tempo, making this metronome particularly suitable for on-stage use. The click can also be heard either through the built-in speaker or via an earphone.

The DM100 features a tap function that lets you input the tempo of any song by tapping along. There's a back slit to fit and slide easily onto most music stands and a hole for attaching a strap.


  • Back slot to fit and slide easily onto music stand
  • TAP function
  • Built-in Stand
  • Highly visual tempo indicator 5 LEDs.
  • Multi-function digital metronome with tap function
  • High quality sound from a dynamic speaker
  • Memory back up
  • Auto power off
  • Volume control


  • Tempo Range: 30 - 250 (221Steps)
  • Beat types:0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
  • Sound Generation: C4 - B4, A4=410 - 450Hz

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