SeekZ Stompers PunchTone


SeekZ Stompers (2007-2008)

Ever wondered how sweet a high-gain tube amp would sound like?

Well, I've heard it before, and I've been dreaming about it ever since... And that was what pushed me to create the PunchTone Distortion pedal.

Since nothing approximates a Tube's sound like FETs, I decided to cascade FET gain stages like they normally would with a tube-amp. With the addition of each stage, words like Dynamics, Clarity, and Amp-like Harmonics start coming to mind. Chords begin to open up... Lead lines thicken up with rich harmonic content...

So you know now, this pedal is not a mild to heavy overdrive. It's a high gain monster made to rock this earth (or your bedroom/stage). I bet even the picki-est of players would find this pedal an awesome addition to the pedalboard.

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