Seekers Voice Spectra Vocoder


  • Mic / Line Switch
    Switching to mic level or line level.
  • Input Level
    Adjusting the level of the input signal.
  • Compression Ratio
    Adjusting mic input signal when it's unstable.
  • Instrument Level
    Adjusting the level of instrument input.
  • Instrument level Indicator
    Usually green but flashes in orange when the input signal is over.
  • External / Internal Switch
    Switching to external instrument or built-in oscillator.
  • Oscillator / Speech-Tracking Switch
    Switching to the normal built-in oscillator or speech tracking.
  • -1 Octave / -2 Octave Switch
    Switching octave of speech-tracking.
  • Oscillator Frequency
    Changing the frequency of built-in oscillator.
  • Thru / Effect Balance
    Becoming the original sound of speech (through) when turned to left. Becoming the effected sound (vocoder) when turned to right.
  • Unvoice Level
    Adjusting the noise level (emphasising a consonant).

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