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Secret Seasons Electronics

The Snowdrift is a hybrid dual-gainstage fuzz pedal that stays tight on the low end with an extremely rich midrange. It has 2 footswitchable and very versatile modes--tentatively called "flurry" and "blizzard," respectively. The flurry mode is the main part of the pedal, while the blizzard mode introduces a blast of silicon transistor based fuzz into the circuit.

This second mode is really where things get interesting. Not simply a boost of what you've already got, or a radical change in your initial sound. It is an entire new section of fuzz coming to life, tweaked not to overpower the first mode, but to envelop it. It is likely that after playing with it for a few days, the more jarring transition is when you actually turn the second mode off--its as if your tone hasn't changed, but a giant cloud of fuzz around it has disappeared. The first time I experienced this personally --I knew I had the pedal I wanted not just to build-- but to play. Its a fuzz you can swim in.

It is not a "lead" sort of pedal, though it will stack wonderfully into most overdrives and work great like that. On its own, it will retain its chordal clarity throughout the pedal's entire range. From lower gain arpeggios to full on wall-of-sound rhythm work it will be extremely responsive to your picking dynamics and your guitar's volume control. And, forgive the buzzwords, but it absolutely was intended to be a dreamy, shoegazey sort of fuzz. Don't be afraid to play it dry... but it loves to get wet, too.

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