Sebatron Copernicus Stereo Resonant Filter


  • Bypass/Active
    turns the effect on or off.
  • Dry/Mix
    balances the dry input with the processed signal.
  • Input
    controls the input gain. this allows you to add overdrive to the signal.
  • Output
    controls the output gain.
  • Stereo Offset
    offsets the response of the left and right filters. This lets you change the stereo spread in interesting ways.
  • Mode (LP/BP/HP)
    switches between Low-, Band and Highpass modes.
  • Cutoff
    controls the filter frequency
  • Resonance
    controls the filter resonance



Sonic filtration has been use in various ways over the years but never before has it been this sweet sounding and easy to use...

With the birth of Copernicus, filtration enters a new era of possibilities. Now Producers, DJ's, Live musicians, experimental hi-fi fanatics and home studio owners (whatever you do) can get their hands on high-end Sebatron stereo resonant filtration...

If you are serious about your sound manipulation and need a unit that can fulllfill your filtration needs, then the 'Copernicus' Stereo Resonant Filter is what you need.

An awesome multifuntional filter with a unique 'Stereo Offset' control (not available on any other filter) that allows you to spread the filter's resonant/cutoff frequency by a variable factor.

Any Stereo signal (obviously any mono signal aswell) be it a Full Mix, Drum Machine, Keyboards even vocals, will sound interesting and refreshing when put through Copernicus. Even subtle useage to enhance Sub Bass or sweeten top end is achievable though there are many more applications than this - being pure analog there are no presets and no limitations to your creative possibilities.

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