Seamoon Fresh Fuzz



  • Gain
    controls the volume boost
  • Bite
    controls the amount of fuzz


the manual

The Fresh Fuzz is a new type of fuzz that works with any electrified musical device - guitar, bass, keyboards, horns, etc. The footswitch on the top is an in/out switch. When the F.F. is not in use you are wired into your amp. The F.F. uses a standard 9 volt battery which is activated when you plug your cord into the AXE jack. For longest battery life, always unplug your cords after use.

  1. Plug your axe, with the volume control on full for best results, into the AXE jack. Run a cord from the jack marked AMP into your amp.
  2. Set the level you want with the gain control.
  3. Set the bite control for the desired fuzz intensity.

Bob Hill (Fresh Fuzz owner since 1972)

People who had the Fresh Fuzz seem to be divided between those that found it thin and those that were happy with it. That can probably be separated between those that had the 741 single op-amp and those with the 4558 dual op-amp versions. I have a feeling that people like Eric Johnson, who used it until the later part of the 80's, and some of the other "names" that used it had the 4558 version.


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