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The Lowtide overdrive from Seafoam Pedals is a low to medium gain overdrive with smooth amp-like breakup. The sound is transparent and increases frequency range by extending lows and highs, all while keeping your original tone intact. The Lowtide features a unique gain "focus" control for customizable tone shaping. At 12:00, you'll hear even and open gain, turning the knob left or right introduces more clipping with two distinct circuit paths; left is the clipping style of a certain legendary horse-man pedal, right is the classic green box clipping style. This is not a clone, it is a custom circuit based off years of research and tweaking - it's sure to blow you away with how transparent and full your guitar can sound while having the perfect amount of overdrive!


  • Volume - adjusts the overall output level, unity is around 11:00 with up to 10 db of boost
  • Bass - adjusts the lower frequency range, turn left to remove and right to add low-end
  • Treble - adjusts the higher frequency range, turn left to remove and right to add high-end
  • (Fixed mid-range, dial bass and treble back for a mid boost or max bass and treble for mid scoop)
  • Drive - low to medium gain (edge of breakup to smooth crunch) from 9:00 to 2:00, distortion to low gain fuzz after 2:00
  • Focus - 12:00 is even and open, left is horse-man and right is green box clipping styles


  • Handmade in the USA
  • Soft-touch true bypass switch
  • Volume, Bass, Treble, Drive, and Focus controls
  • Bright white LED
  • Top mounted 1/4" and DC jacks
  • Unique circuitry and sturdy PCB construction
  • Dimensions: 4.7x2.6"

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