Studio Electronics Wolftone Helium


  • Drive
    allows you to create a subtle edgy quality for a slight overdrive effect to a full-on sustained overdrive.
  • Mix (O2-He)
    controls the mix of the direct signal and the octave up tone.
  • Volume
    can make for a balance of volume as when the sound is bypassed. Level can also give a boost for solos.
  • Octave (Vintage/Wolf)
    switches between a traditional octaver or Wolfgram's tighter high-end octave tone.
  • Texture (Coarse/Full/Smooth)
    controls the quality of timbres from the octave section. Choices are "Coarse" (bright & edgy). "Full" (unmodified vintage octave tone) and "Smooth" (sweet, singing tone).


Studio Electronics

Helium is not just another retro tone stompbox. Its 'Texture' and 'Mode' switches will take your sound from the vintage scream of a Tycho Brahe Octavia(®) to a clear, sweet, singing octave that Kathleen Battle would envy, while the 'Max' control lets you blend in your original note as clean or crunchy as the fans demand. The range of gain to dynamic response ally to make the Helium the most versatile and pivotal "octave up" pedal to date.

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