Studio Electronics Wolftone Chaos


  • Drive
    allows you to create a subtle edgy quality for a slight overdrive effect to a full-on sustained overdrive.
  • Entropy
    controls the harmonic complexity of the distorted tone. At a low level you get an old fuzz-tone effect. When turned all the way up, Entropy can create synth-line effects. Some settings actually mimic Ring Modulator sounds.
  • Volume
    controls the output volume.
  • Hair (On/Off)
    creates a filter sweep feel and gives a little more edge.
  • Dimension (2nd/3rd)
    determines the characteristics of the Entropy control. The "2nd" setting will provide a hint of octave up tone and a warmer overall feel. The "3rd" setting, however, makes for a hollow synth-like tone with a higher Entropy setting.


Studio Electronics

Chaos is an all analog device that distorts and contorts like guilty gossip in the Choir Room, after a long-winded sermon. The controls on Chaos react acutely with those on your instrument, and respond to your knowing touch to create rich flavors of ring modulation, filter sweeps, octave and higher-overtones, synth-like timbres--animating and elevating sounds--that no amp, pedal, processor or plugin, this side of paradise, can produce.

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