Studio Electronics ModMax Filter


  • Input
    Input level.
  • Output
    Output level.
  • Mix (Dry-Wet)
    Effect mix 100% dry to 100% wet.
  • Drench (On/Off)
    Effect Soak (Drench) for serious effect level distortion.
  • Dynamics
    Mix dynamics for positive and negative modulation of effect level.
  • Frequency
    Filter cutoff frequency
  • Filter Mode (LP/BP/HP)
    Filter mode: low pass, band pass, or high pass filter.
  • Resonance
    Filter Resonance.
  • Attack
    Envelope follower attack.
  • Release
    Envelope follower release.
  • ? (-/+)
    Filter dynamics polarity.
  • ? (?/?/?)
    LFO trigger: normal, one shot (for auto-wah), envelope key trigger.
  • LFO (Slow/Fast)
    LFO rate range: normal to audio frequency.
  • Freq Dynamics
    Filter frequency dynamics (with positive and negative switch).
  • Rate Dynamics
    LFO rate dynamics with positive and negative modulation.
  • Depth Dynamics
    LFO depth dynamics with positive and negative modulation.
  • Rate
    LFO rate.
  • Depth
    LFO depth (A Voltage Controlled Exponential L.F.O.!).
  • LFO Waveform
    LFO waveform: triangle, square, or sample/hold.

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