Screaming Baby Amplifiers Supreme Tone Box


Screaming Baby Amplifiers

Supreme Tone Box Analog Tone Filter

effects box is truly unique and requires no batteries or power to function

This box filters your signal via 6 way selector between bypass and 5 different vintage tone capacitors for BASS/BASS MID/MID/HIGH MID/HIGH, and includes a volume knob for easy tweaking of loudness

  • placement in the effect chain or loop can yield dramatically different results
  • the tone box can be used on tour to dial your tone no matter what amp you have to use that night, just crank the amp up and have tone and volume right at your fingertips!
  • or use the box to easily switch between different tones and volumes for different tracks or instruments when recording
  • equipped with 2 inputs and 3 outputs for many options, such as stereo with tuner out.
  • total analog design for great tone and you will never run out of batteries or mess with wall outlets!
  • solid die-cast box approx. 3"h x 4" x 6".
  • All high quality parts including vintage NOS capacitors and cliff jacks.
  • True bypass in bypass mode.
  • Handwired point to point for extreme retention of guitar tone and dynamics.

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