Screaming Baby Amplifiers Ghost Bystander Fuzz


Screaming Baby Amplifiers

The Ghost Bystander vintage voiced analog distortion fuzz box!!!

  • Wicked crunchy fuzz tone that howls, swirls and crackles - You'll swear there's a ghost in the machine the way this pedal turns into an organic, simmering sizzling fuzz that rattles its chain in your attic!
  • A ghostlike shadow of fuzz boosts and clips off into eternity - for the fuzz adventurous!!!
  • Runs on 9v battery or 9v adapter jack
  • Bright green LED indicator
  • Large rugged housing
  • Voiced with huge low end
  • Great for bass as well as guitar
  • Excellent pick articulation and harmonics
  • Unlike some distortion boxes that are quieter than your dry signal, when you click this pedal on, you know it! Even at lower gain settings it is louder than your dry signal! Massive amounts of harmonics!
  • True bypass
  • Approx.3"hx4"x6" solid die cast box
  • All high quality parts hand wired point to point for extreme retention of guitar tone and dynamics.

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