ScreaminFX Banshee - Boost and Tone Pedal



Finally, the testing and pedal tweaking is done! The pedal you didn't know you were missing!

The Banshee Boost and Tone Pedal is completely handmade and designed to offer both a clean or distorted boost to your guitar level and sound. The small input of your guitar or previous stompbox can be greatly amplified allowing a boost and overdrive of your guitar amplifier. The difference between this and other boost or tube screamer type pedals is that a tone shaping passive circuit boosts the treble of your guitar to give a unique bite to your sound. The pedal absolutely enhances your tone for blues and rock music. It works especially well with all tube amplifiers.

Some key features are:

  • Tone shaping passive circuitry that boosts treble
  • Overdrive scream control which can be dialed in from a clean boosted guitar sound all the way to heavy overdrive
  • Many subtle shades of distortion and overdrive can be achieved
  • Very useful for boosting a low guitar signal
  • Completely analog design with only JFET transistors
  • High input impedance and low output impedance
  • LED indicator when pedal is on
  • True Bypass input and output (Will not load other pedals when off)
  • Powder coated enclosure with handmade screen printed graphics
  • Handcrafted in US

Banshee Boost and Tone Pedal Specifications:

  • 4.5 X 3 inches powder coated BB enclosure
  • 9V battery or 9V adapter with 2.1mm pin
  • Control knobs for Scream (Gain), Tone, Volume, Bite (Treble boost), Boost (Mode)
  • Pedal has been built with the highest quality parts available

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