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What exactly is "IT"... and what does "IT" do? Let me explain. No, that would take too long -- let me sum up!

The "IT" pedal is a limited edition hand-built effect by Tim Schroeder of Schroeder Audio, Inc. and Schroeder Guitar Repair. "IT" functions both as a clean boost and as a tone enhancer/magicizer.

Adds "punchiness" (not just for low-end, but for highs and mids!), chime, sparkle, and just a touch of warmth. Adjustable from unity gain to a slammin' signal. Turning the dial increases the output. Use anywhere in your signal chain, especially at the end of a pedal board! Used after a compressor, "IT" yields incredible articulation and impact with each note you play!

Though simple, this is a versatile TONE weapon! Since "IT" is a buffer/driver, "IT" can also be used to: drive long length of cable without signal loss; get an amazing DI sound for bass; boost and enhance a degraded signal, e.g. if you are using lots of effects pedals.

Please note that this is a very subtle pedal! The tonal qualities are incredible, but you can only understand once you have played both with and without "IT".... Overall, this is a fairly transparent pedal and will not "change" your tone! "IT" will only enhance and boost your tone! If you are looking to add a bit of "magic" to your sound, or just need something to pull your sound up by it's bootstraps, this is "IT!"

  • FET-based clean boost
  • Adds Chime, Sparkle, Punchiness, and Dimensionality to your tone!
  • Meticulously hand-wired and constructed
  • Limited edition signed by both Builder and Artist
  • Awesome, simple tool for better tone
  • On/Off LED Indicator
  • Output Adjustment Knob
  • Takes any high-quality 9V negative tip power supply for pedals (not included)

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